Calling, Messaging, Video, and More

Connecting with coworkers is simpler and more effective than ever with Cisco Spark. This cloud-based communication solution makes it easy to exchange ideas, stay on track, and get more accomplished with teams.

Safely collaborate and exchange ideas in Cisco Spark, where conversations including messaging and file sharing are organized, stored, and secured. Customers experience streamlined communication via video conferencing, video calls, and video screen sharing. For those on the go, Cisco Spark’s mobile video calling integrates with office video phone systems, allowing simplified communication wherever employees are.

Cisco Spark makes meetings more productive and communication more efficient. Besides the beautiful and easy-to-use “Spark Spaces” that house project- or topic-based communication within Cisco Spark, part of the Cisco Spark portfolio is the stunning Spark Board. This groundbreaking digital whiteboard integrates with the Cisco Spark platform and can be displayed on a large scale in meeting rooms, or scale to the size of one's smartphone.

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