ScanSource KBZ: A Cisco Cloud Aggregator with Cisco Powered Cloud Services

As a Cisco Cloud Aggregator, ScanSource KBZ has the products and experts to help you build your cloud computing business and better serve your customers. We help our resellers provide unified communications, collaboration, and telepresence technologies that don't require costly infrastructure, but that give teams the reliable service their employees and customers demand.

We're here to help you build your Cisco business with the support and knowledge you need. Cisco cloud services providers have robust solutions that allow for immediate improved efficiency, ranging from infrastructure-as-a-service and desktop-as-a-service, to video conferencing-as-a-service, and hosted collaboration. These services are all backed by Cisco's top-of-the-line security features.


Cloud Collaboration Powered by TeleSpace

This cloud solution enables customer care, video, and voice applications to be deployed in the cloud and features Cisco Powered Cloud Services for Hosted Collaboration. TelePresence as a Service, Contact Center as a Service, and Unified Communications ...

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Roaming Enabled Network Powered by MNS

The Cloud Roaming Enabled Network is powered by Media Network Services and works with Cisco TelePresence customers with on-premises infrastructure. This solution is based on a monthly subscription basis and allows customers to make high-quality...

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Moving channel partners to the cloud

Green Cloud offers desktop-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions that improve security reliability and enable a virtual desktop workforce without extensive environmental burdens. Disaster and backup recovery is automatic with this solution, ...

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Improving communication with hosted collaboration

Netelligent is a Cisco Powered Cloud Provider that provides Cisco Certified Cloud services including hosted cloud service, desktop-as-a-service, disaster recovery as a service, and infrastructure-as-a-service. For customers that desire highly reputable cloud...

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Become a Cloud Computing Expert with FASTLANE

It's likely that increasing numbers of the end-user customers you work with will desire implementation of cloud computing, or want to learn more. With the FASTLANE program offered by ScanSource KBZ, we'll provide you with comprehensive training and support to learn about the benefits of cloud computing and how they can fit your customers’ needs.

From certifications and education, to customer support and tailored recommendations based on your unique business, ScanSource KBZ is a partner you can trust to work with you to grow your expertise in cloud computing and beyond.

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