Steady Uptime, Fast Network Service

If you have customers who require consistent network uptime and security, Cisco routers and switches from ScanSource KBZ provide them with technology that is simple, yet secure. Switches and routers enable business communication to occur among voice, data, and wireless channels. Having dependable equipment that is easy to use and that businesses can count on creates better business networks for both employees and customers.

Cisco's routers enable a network to be both a sensor and enforcer, with extensive threat visibility and containment that keep businesses secure. Advanced network intelligence gives these products an advantage, since application performance and service deployment can be accelerated in an easy-to-use system. With one single platform built on Cisco routers and switches, your customers have access to all they need to optimize their networks.

Routers and Switches Features

kbz_bandwidth_icon_115x100 Cisco routers
Deployment automation keeps applications running, and they can be monitored and scaled on a secure network. Built-in security protects a network from threats.


kbz_security_icon_60x52 Cisco switches
Networks receive clear threat visibility to thwart attacks, while operations are streamlined through easy programmability and automation. IT tasks are simplified as networks gain strength through digital operability.